Avaya Call Center Auto Greeting Server

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Asterisk, TSAPI


The Avaya Call Center Auto Greeting Server uses Avaya TSAPI library. It barges in to an agent extension and plays a greeting when there is incoming call of the extension. Multiple greetings can be defined for an agent. For example, different greeting for service, sales and support calls or different greeting based on languages.

You need to make sure IP trunk setup between your Avaya and Asterisk before installation of this software. I use Asterisk and build a OOH323 trunk with Avaya. Ask your Avaya engineer the prefix codes to access the Asterisk from Avaya, the prefix codes are for greeting mapping for different type of incoming calls.

Before installation of the software, please make sure you the following Avaya features and systems are installed:


Release 1.4.0 just released, this release supports add extension, phantom, acd and agent objects via the program console directly. Moreover, tlink fail over will be faster. 

Preparation and Password Encryption

  • The access MDB file stored the the username and password of AE server. For security reason, a tool called encryptpasswd.exe is provided to generate encrypted password for the installation and configuration of the software
  • Execute the program, generate the encrypted passwords for the user of AE server, then paste the encrypted password to parameter ag_tlink. For example, the encrypted password for “p@ssword” is “R3NIw1yJMLlnPFzEQtuh2A==”
  • encryptpasswd

64 bit Windows System 

  • For 64 bit Windows system, please follow the steps below
    •  Download and install the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update, http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26347
    • Configure ODBC System DSN using
    • Stop the Windows firewall because it enables by default and I don’t have time to figure out what ports are required to open, you need to find it out yourself.


  • Download the TSAPI client for Windows 32-bit from Avaya web site, it contains the library files. You need to register DevConnect before you can access the download page.
  • Download the Avaya Call Center Auto Greeting Server zip file here.
  • Follow the installation steps below to install the software.
    • Extract all the files into directory c:\program files\autogreeting
    • Open Windows Command Prompt, enter the following commands to register the program as Windows Service
      • cd c:\program files\autogreeting
      • autogreeting -i
    • Open ODBC Setting, create System DSN called AUTOGREETINGCFG for Microsoft Access Driver and point to autogreeting.mdb which is located in the directory c:\program files\autogreeting
    • Open the Access file, edit the value of parameters ag_tlink_01 and ag_tlink_02 to the TLINK of your AES servers in the tParameter table
    • Edit the value of parameter ag_phantomthreadsize to define the number of threads for autogreeting
    • Edit the value of parameter ag_greetingtimelimit to define the number of seconds that no autogreeting is not performed when such time limit exceeded
    • Start the Windows Service autogreeting
    • Telnet to localhost and port number 14002, enter username tcpgate and password tcpgate01 to access the program console
    • Enter the following command in the program console to add extensions for autogreeting
      • add extension 61101
      • Hint: 61101 is agent extension
    • Enter the following command in the program console to add ACD monitoring
      • add acd 51101
      • Hint: 51101 is ACD
    • Enter the following command in the program console to add phantom device
      • add phantom 41101
      • Hint: 41101 is phantom device
    • Enter the following command in the program console to define agents for autogreeting
      • add agent 50001
      • Hint: 50001 is agent ID
      • All agents are in scope for auto greeting by default. Add your specific agents if you want these agents for auto greeting
    • Enter the following command in the program console to add prefix mapping for VDN or split number
      • add greetingprefix 10001 451
      • Hint: 10001 is VDN or split number, 451 is dialing prefix and together with agent ID to form the final called number (Asterisk extension), you need to create such called number in Asterisk
    • Enter the following command in the program console, you will receive debug information
      • trace on asc
    • Enter the following command in the program console, you will get the help message
      • help

Asterisk Configuration 

  • Edit the extension_custom.conf, add the dialplan below for auto greeting
  • autogreeting
  • Create the greeting extension in Asterisk and record the unavailable message, the autogreeting server uses the unavailable  message as the greeting for agent
  • Use Asterisk’s advanced mailbox function to record the unavailable message, agent can change his/her greeting easily
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